Crypt Keeper (EP)

by Reborn Divided

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This is the Debut EP from monmouth NJ based metal band Reborn Divided


released September 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Reborn Divided New Jersey

Monmouth county, NJ based metal/Hardcore band. New EP 'Lucid' Out Now!

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Track Name: Scrang
it's so painful walking around this place
Are they aware
Aware of what they're worth
Day after day I tolerate your superior egos
First things first when I find you alone
i'm coming down with the weight of the world
Your being victimized and abducted

Lights out

Time to wake up from your anesthetic nap
I took it upon myself to drill a fucking hole in your head and now unfortunately your paralyzed below the neck

I hold the region of your cerebral cortex responsible
For your vulgar primitive ways
I'll surround you with mirrors
So you still can admire yourself

you better recognize

Ignorance is bliss

One day your pedestal will crumble beneath your feet
Leaving you buried in the remains of your self serving title

You think you're more than what you are, well you aren't worth shit
I turned my back on the world because it'd be a better place with out you all in it
Track Name: The Tale Of Two Wolves
You will bleed the truth simply because death doesnt lie
Mark my words, I'll take them to the grave

Battered and beaten
Pushed to the ground
We were simply exposed to greed
Stricken by your filthy fucking plague

My life is a tale of two wolves

Needless to say im evil
In fear of nothing
In want of something
Much moreee than
Than what meets these wide eyes

Fear me for I am restless
And craving taste for
An unpretentious
Senseless act of genocide

We'll follow the guiding wind and return to our origin
Those who cross our path are dead where they stand

Prepare to falter for we have begun
Collecting debt in innocent blood

Everything was right from the start
We're taking back whats rightfully ours

The tale of two wolves

Ill take you to the grave

I'll tell you one thing
That my ancestors did not beg
To think that you have the nerve to take pride in our homeland

I'll feed the fuel to the fire that will burn you down

Burn it down
Track Name: Stigmata
There is a king that lives deep within me

A fallen angel who turned his back on god

I'll watch your world fall from corruption

As I sit there and watch with a smile on my face

I am the bearer of bad news
And im representing moral decay
Bewildering the minds of the scandalous swine

You think you deserve to live
Life wont reflect on your demise

I'll break your faith from the underground
From the underground

The hate in my heart has consumed me
Im the advocate for darkness and death
sworn by sin and driven by the void in my chest
You could never relieve me
You could never defeat me

I am the evil that has grown in us all
I'll fill the void in my chest with every tortured soul
You're a victim of your own existence
You will never defy me
You will never defy me

Dont turn your back on me because you're turning your back on the world X2

When will you face the fear that im alive
Why must you pretend that all is alright
We live in hell on earth striving to survive
Your weaknesses will be your demise

Dont turn your back on me because you're turning your back on the world

Dont turn your back on me

When will face the fear

Dont turn your back on me because you're turning your back on the world

Dont turn your back on me
Track Name: Berserkergang
I am a berserker

Fear me
the face of evil
You will fall as quickly as you rise

We are the nightmare

Craving the taste of blood
of the innocent people and their loved ones
Driven by the violence hate and rage

See the way they burn
fourteen candles ignite and start the war
one for every dead king we saw to fall

We will reign and cover ground
with the blood of our enemies abound

We are
we are the image of terror

Fear for the march of men
who walk with the wolf and bear

runs through my veins
feeds the fuel to the fire inside my brain

I never asked for this life of mine
but any other life is no life for me

We are superb
we are the warriors

Nothing stands a chance in our path
Nothing stands a chance in our path

We are the ones who've never fallen apart
and we will take the lives of everyone from pure soul to dark

If you should ever hear the sounds of the animals scream
you should really hope that those sounds aren't followed by me

Disrupting everyone from village to village
friend or foe there's no doubt we will rape kill and pillage

We'll stake our claim with your head on a stick
as your virgin daughters passed around from dick to dick

We will feast on your fucking soul
Track Name: Where The Ocean Meet The Sky
Tell me
When will the sun surrender to the moon
My eyes
Are growing weary of the place that I call home

I've walked the line in my mind at, at the edge of the earth
Painting pictures of the horizon in black and white

Render me doors to several different worlds
Make me believe that we're not alone

Is time really given or earned
When will we realize that time only goes forward

I'll paint my future bright and after sever all its pieces
As you sit and do the same, at the end we'll trade our spaces
After all is said and done maybe one day we'll arrive
To a place far from home that we both had in mind

I could never
Settle for a vacant mind

Join me where the ocean meets the sky
Find your way by moonlight as we'll be the first to watch the rising sun

Contradicting thy existence
My minds in the right direction
I am no longer afraid (guest vocals: Tom from Destruction Upon Us and Dylan Werle from Werleybird Studios)

Press your head up against my chest and listen to the beat of my heart
One day when this heartbeat stops
I envision you right where you are