by Reborn Divided

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Reborn Divided's Sophomore EP


released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Reborn Divided New Jersey

Monmouth county, NJ based metal/Hardcore band. New EP 'Lucid' Out Now!

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Track Name: Lucid
It's time to close my eyes and put the day to sleep. It's time to forget the world and leave my woes at the door. My eyes are closed and I am restless. I want to be at peace. I long and wait for days. We are a dead cause. We are nothing. One day you'll realize the evil within me. One day you'll feel the chill that is destroying me. Thoughts of another world leaves me at peace. Thoughts of your face leaves me insane. A homely place I used to call your arms is just a foreign treasure with no map. I've fucking lost my mind you couldn't give a fuck. You're all the same. As the sun rises im still the same. As the sun rises you're not the same. As the sun rises we all burn. I will never rest until this world meets its fate.
Track Name: Chapter: Nothing
I'm trapped inside this mind that is full of regret. One day I'll come to terms that I deserve the best. For now I wait here and wish for death. And I wish I could see what the end hold for me. Choking on a series of last words. Can't you see what you have done? Feeling as though I have lost all hope. Maybe one day I could say that I'm fine. Through the darkness I can see no light. The end of the tunnel seems bleak. I'm trapped at a dead end with no words to speak. Let the stories begin of where I'm wrong. It seems all fingers point at me. Take a second and step back look at the source, I'm you. Now my life is sure to fade. I'm the product that societies made. These days are getting long, need to write my swan song. A journey through my tragic mind, might leave you fucking blind. I'm sitting here counting the hours until the next hurt. I forget you as this life comes to an end. Decades you've tortured such an innocent friend. I can't forgive you for all of this pain. All you have done is left us to blame. Ghosts have haunted such a peaceful home. I just want to be left alone. Days go by and I'm feeling weaker. No one cares about this lonely soul. Help me through. Help me breathe. Help me live.
Track Name: Escape Clause
Hang my head in hopes it drags me to hell. So tie this noose a little tighter. I've always feared that it would come to this. It's not okay to live like this, I see the things that people fear, if I wait any longer, I'll just cease to exist. I have never felt so cold in my life. Morbid visions of a decaying world. See the pain the truth reveals. Hiding just feels so fucking real. Fending for myself. I've never felt more alone. Collapse the walls inside my head. I feel more dead than alive. I'm sure it's not supposed to be like this. I've come too far to give up all hope. I've come too far just to be a let down. Time after time I come back here, the skyline looks oh so small. Trying to grow and see the world behind you, so let me go an enjoy the world without you. It's a matter of life and death. I choose death. Just bury me.
Track Name: (De)Stress
Separate distances is what keeps us apart. We're always finding reasons why we can't be what we want to be. Growing tired everyday of the excuses you bring. I'm drowning in the person you are trying to be. Seek and you shall find, the remnants of a worn man. Beaten and bruised, broken and alone. I'm fighting for my fucking life. Maybe there is more to this. More I haven't seen yet. So let's build this from the ground up, and ignite the fires that burn it all down. We are the reason nothing ever lasts. The moon shines bright as I stare at the sky, I want to feel free of this world. I'm only human. I'm screaming for a change. I'm laying in this casket. Staring at the ceiling, wondering where the time went. Devoid of life and afraid of feeling. Scars keep us tied down to a life that haunts us. I'm sure you feel alive, but I can't say the same. You want what is best. You're such a coward. Remove yourself from my thoughts. Remove myself from this life. I'm growing sick and tired of this fucking place. If I can't live in peace, I won't live at all.
Track Name: Abominate
As this journey comes to an end, we have matured into a machine that is mapped to destroy. Now you see the abomination. The worth of my dreams are next to nothing. This self loathing is what I've left myself to deal with. I'm seeing this for what it was destined to be. I look back at my life and let it all slip away, treading against these tides and trying find my way. Like it or not we were all designed to fail. There is no coming back. Hate this place for all its worth. We were all designed to fail. You're carving out a reminder why this hurts so deep. I'm a slave to my conscience and I'm chained to my past. I'm bleeding out my insides. Now I feel defeat. This rotten taste in my mouth won't go away. I can't seem to rid myself of this disease. Self confinement because I cannot trust. Waking demons that want to murder me. Embrace these demons and let them destroy me. I'm hollow, I'm void, I'm what you fear. I'm hollow, I'm void, I'm what you feared for me. So take these lies, promises and empty words. I'll find you dead in the dirt and move on with my life. I'm bleeding out my insides. Now I feel defeat. I'm destroyed. There are plans to create and maps to destroy. All we find ourselves living through is force fed lies. You won't let me be the man I am. I just need to feel again. I swear I said I'm sorry. In conclusion, Abominate.